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UFF Research Fellow Lightning Symposium

Thursday, June 27, 2024
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM (PDT)

Zoom (details to be provided after registration)

Event Details

Upcycled Food Foundation Research Fellow Lightning Symposium 

Don't miss this exciting Lightning Symposium, a 90-minute session where the 2023 Upcycled Food Foundation Research Fellows will share their innovative research with the upcycled food community.

This dynamic event offers an unparalleled opportunity for members of the Upcycled Food Association to experience an overview of the science of upcycled food across multiple disciplines. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest research and innovative methodologies transforming food waste into valuable products. Each fellow will present their research in a concise, engaging format, providing insights into the processes, benefits, and sustainability impacts of upcycled food. This symposium will not only showcase advancements but will also demonstrate the impact of collaboration and knowledge across communities who are dedicated to building a more sustainable food system.

The Upcycled Food Foundation Research Fellowship

This marks the second research fellowship initiated by the Upcycled Food Foundation (UFF) that is dedicated to supporting evidence-based research and educating consumers about the environmental and social benefits of upcycled foods. Research is key to understanding the environmental impact, market, consumer perceptions, technical opportunities, and overall potential of upcycled food. Eight fellows were selected in 2023 to conduct research that reflects a question of interest to the upcycled food community including consumer awareness and perception of upcycled products, novel ingredient development, and impact measurement. Learn more about the UFF Research Fellowship here. 

Meet the Speakers

Research Fellowship Advisors

Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D: UFA Emeritus Board Member and Director of Drexel University Food Core Lab

Lara Ramdin, Ph.D: UFA Emeritus Board Member and Chief Innovation and Science Officer at Upcycled Foods, Inc.

Research Fellows

Dr. Ziynet Boz: Assistant Professor, University of Florida 

Research Focus: Contribute to the literature of mathematical model-supported decision making and analytics, specifically, Life-cycle Assessments, Life-cycle Sustainability Assessments on the circular bioeconomy approaches

Dean Hauser: Graduate Research Fellow, Cornell University

Research Focus: Contribute practical applications of fermentation for upcycling dairy and other food industry byproducts, and robust sustainability assessments of such products’ life cycles. 

Dr. Chetan Sharma: Postdoc in Food and Hospitality Management, Drexel University

Research Focus: How to elevate the consumer perception of upcycle foods along with the specific barriers

Dr. Hongjun Ye: Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh

Research Focus: Understand and promote upcycled food awareness globally

Irene Yoon: University of Washington

Research Focus: Insights that provide direction to improve and expand consumer messaging and education around upcycled products

Dr. Derya Kahveci Karıncaoğlu: Associate Professor, Istanbul Technical University, Department of Food Engineering

Research Focus: Environmentally-friendly extraction of bioactive components from food waste and their application in upcycled foods/products, supported by bioavailability perspective and consumer acceptance

For More Information:

Lara Ramdin
Chief Innovation Officer Upcycled Foods, Inc.