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Are you an UFA Member in need of some tips in a specific area of expertise? Take advantage of this exclusive Member benefit to meet 1:1 with a real person who offers personalized experience, insight, and advice. 

The UFA Membership Team has gathered experts who are eager to support you in the following ways:

  • Marketing/Branding
  • Ingredient Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Export/International Expansion
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Business case for Sustainability
  • Finance/Investment/Funding
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Product Development and R&D
  • Food Safety/Regulation

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Are you an expert in your field willing to share your time and knowledge with Members of the Upcycled Food Association?

Experts within AND outside of UFA Membership are welcome. Please note, however, that the current advisory pilot cohort of experts is FULL. You may still complete the interest form, and upon completion of the pilot program, we will consider your submission for program expansion.