Upcycled Food Research

Research is key in understanding the legalities, environmental impact, market, consumer perceptions, technical opportunities and overall potential of upcycled food. We want to ensure that UFA Members have access to the latest upcycled food research.

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Upcycled Food Research

2023 UFF Research Fellowship Program

The Upcycled Food Foundation (UFF) is ecstatic to announce the 2023 Research Fellowship Program. UFF Research Fellows will be asked to conduct a minimum of one study that reflects a research question of interest to the upcycled food community.

Fellows will receive:

  1. Access to UFA membership communications for the duration of the fellowship.
  2. Recognition as UFF Research Fellows via website, newsletter, and social channels.
  3. Keynote presentation of research to membership.
  4. Promotion for speaking engagements with Industry requests.
  5. Connection to UFA membership for potential industry-sponsored research.
  6. A modest stipend of $1000 payable to them or their organization to offset research or presentation-related expenses.
  7. Access to funding, when available, for additional research, publication fees, or research-related expenses.
  8. Ongoing support from the network of upcycled food researchers.

Applications will be open from October 19 - November 27, 2022.

Find the application here!

2021-22 UFF Research Fellowship Program

In June 2021, with the generous support of the Deutsch Family Foundation, we launched our first-ever Upcycled Food Foundation (UFF) Research Fellowship Program with the goal of supporting more research in the upcycled food industry. The five Fellows selected to participate in this inaugural cohort represent diverse research backgrounds and are spread out across the world. During their fellowship, researchers will be asked to conduct research on topics of importance to upcycled food and will receive both financial support from UFF and connections to the membership network of upcycled food companies.

Previous Study Topics

  • Consumer awareness of upcycled food in the US and China
  • Consumer perceptions of upcycled food
  • Qualitative research on grocery category manager’s perceptions of upcycled products
  • An upcycled food business case study and supply chain challenges
  • Market Viability for upcycled pet food


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Meet the UFF 2021 Research Fellow Cohort