Organization Overview

Joolies, established in 2018, is changing the date-ing game - making Medjool dates trendy. We are a vertically integrated company (from farm to packing facility), with sustainability being the heart of who we are. Our product catalog includes the fruit itself (whole and pit free), but we have expanded to manufactured items to upcycle ugly dates to create a new product that's wholesome and delicious, i.e. date syrup and chocolate covered Jooliettes.
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Type of Business
Packaged Goods Brand - Food
B2B, B2C
Where is the geographic focus of where you do business?
North America
Do you produce a product/ingredient using upcycled food inputs?
Upcycled product/ingredient application(s)
Human food
Upcycled food inputs used in products & ingredients
Upcycled Product Category
Grocery – Candy, Chocolate, Desserts and Sweeteners, Grocery – Snack Foods and Bars, Produce – Fruits and Vegetables
Upcycled Ingredient Category
Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Beans
Available Upcycled Product(s)
Jooliettes - chocolate covered diced dates Sea Salt,
Jooliettes - chocolate covered diced dates Blood Orange,
Jooliettes - chocolate covered diced dates Matcha,
Date Syrup - Original,
Ugglies - Whole,
Ugglies - Pit Free
Available Upcycled Ingredient(s)
date paste, diced dates, date syrup, date sugar
D2C Sales
Certified Upcycled Products/Ingredients Available